2019 RUBY & ROAN

Southcote Shorthorns are extremely proud to offer the pick of our four specially selected show heifers as Lot 14 in the Ruby and Roan Elite Shorthorn Auction being held at the World Shorthorn Congress Conference Dinner on Thursday 3 October 2019 at 8pm. The selection of these females into the show team is not based solely on phenotype to win a ribbon, but on a combination of dam’s performance, EBV’s and phenotype. In doing this we believe we are exhibiting those females that will be our donors and leading matrons into the future.

The Females represent Southcote Lead foot L13 who sold to Weebollabolla Shorthorns in 2017, Yamburgan Zeus H140 and Eloora Baker G31 who need no further introduction.

We were extremely privileged to have long-time friend and mentor Erica Halliday, Principal of Ben Nevis Angus Stud to provide her independent assessment of each of the heifers in their video.


DOB 18/08/2018

“Tremendous body and depth on this heifer. She is absolutely stunning in the amount of volume that she has. She combines that with being lovely and soft particularly down through the flank and she muscles really closely to the hock. A very valuable asset this heifer.”

– Erica Halliday, Principal of Ben Nevis Angus Stud

Top 15% CED Top 25% CED, DMI, Rib Fat, DTC & SC


DOB 19/08/2018

“Got a beautiful deep bodied heifer here, very easy doing, very easy keeping and you can see that through her lovely skin and coat. She has a beautifully laid in shoulder and a lovely neck extension. A very broody type of female.”

– Erica Halliday, Principal of Ben Nevis Angus Stud


DOB 17/08/2018

“We are looking at a really special heifer here it’s not often that you get that natural thickness combined with the femininity that this heifer has. She is particularly thick across the top, out through the loin and then she follows that thickness down though the hind quarter. She couples that with being very structurally correct, soft and just extra quality. Beautiful heifer.”

– Erica Halliday, Principal of Ben Nevis Angus Stud

Top 5% All Index’s CED, GL, BW & DTC Top 10% Rib Fat Top 25% Rump Fat & Milk


DOB 19/08/2018

“Extra length of body in this big soft big capacity heifer, she has tremendous depth through her rib, she carries right through into her hind quarter, she has that lovely front end on her as well. Lots of scope here.”

– Erica Halliday, Principal of Ben Nevis Angus Stud

Top 5% IMF Top 10% SC & DTC Top 15% DMI, NMI, Rib & Rump Fat Top 25% EMI, GL & CED

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