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Southcote Precision P44 (P) 19/08/2018

Dam – DRD H28 (P)

Precision is Homozygus polled and is breeding a long, deep carcase on a sound structure. The consistency of performance in his pedigree gives us great confindence in his future.

Semen Available – $80 Stud use and $20 Commercial per straw.

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Southcote Maximum Impact M7 (P) 16/10/2016


M7 was sold to Malton Shorthorns in 2018. He is producing cattle with his overall balance of carcase and IMF combined with a wonderful temperment.

Semen Available – $50 Stud use and $20 Commercial per straw.

Sire – Futurity Game Changer (P)
Dam – Southcote G5 (P) (AI)

Lockramwas retained after losing his father Futurity Game Changer.  We admire the length of body and freedom of movement that he possesses for such a big bull.  The biggest plus is he is quiet as a lamb.  He is being used over our very moderate females that need some extra weight and extension through the front end.  L37 is a Trait Leader For 400 & 600 DW Top 25% IMF, EMA, milk, 200 DW, CE DIR, CE DTRS, CW and all Index’s.

Semen Available – $50 Stud use and $20 Commercial per straw.

Sire – Belmore Jackarro Z109 (P) (AI)
Dam – Southcote F56 (P) (AI)

Hero is one of the few bulls that has the combination of outstanding phenotype and a balanced set of EBV’s.  Hero’s mid maturity pattern, combined with low birth and short gestation length ensure his progeny come out alive and hit markets quickly.  Hero is also a soft easy going bull with an ability to lay down fat cover quickly and evenly.  Hero is a trait leader for Gestation length and 400 day weight.  Top 1% Calving ease Direct, Days to calving, Rib & Rump Fat and all Index’s.

Semen Available – $50 Stud use and $20 Commercial per straw.

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Southcote King Kong K5 (P) (TWIN) (AI) 21/06/2014

Sire – Broughton Park Thunder C023 (P) (AI)
Dam – Southcote Jade H95 (P)

King Kong is a very exciting Thunder calf.  We have seen Thunder starting to lead the way in combining IMF with EMA and King Kong is no exception.  Used as a yearling King Kong progeny are constantly scanning in the higher end of the contemporary and will be used heavily in the next few years to ensure we continue to reach our goals of IMF and great EMA.

Dam –  SOUTHCOTE J22 (P)

Leadfoot is one of our favourite Hero sons we have used in the program. is phyenotype combined with his outstanding data set, has allowed us to use him heavily through the program in the past couple of years.

$50 Stud use and $20 Commercial per straw.

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