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July 5, 2018
Roche family sells Southcote Shorthorn legacy
May 3, 2017

First open day for Southcote Shorthorns at Walcha

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Southcote Shorthorns was originally established in 1972 by John Roche on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

The stud was relocated to Rambrah, Walcha in early 2017 under the new stewardship of Samuel and Jodie Martin.

The stud has about 160 breeding females and sells between 30 and 40 performance recorded bulls each year privately.

Three of the bulls went to studs last year, selling to a top of $15,000 for a bull purchased by Weebollabolla Shorthorns.

Southcote Shorthorns aims to produce cattle which perform successfully in a range of environments, with a focus on producing higher quality product for the consumer, Mr Martin said.

“We achieve this through performance recording, temperament scoring, a strong focus on marbling and fat cover, fertility, and continual identification of influential sires from Australian and international studs.”

The stud, open on day two of beef week, will have a selection of two-year-old bulls and stud females on display, and guests will be served Shorthorn steak from the Thousand Guineas brand.

“Southcote Shorthorns is a well-established stud, but this is the first time many people will see these cattle since we’ve moved the stud to Walcha,” Mr Martin said.

“Northern Beef Week is good exposure to show people how our program is developing and the type of cattle we’re breeding.”

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